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I've created most of this site by snipping out pieces of various forum threads I've created or participated in. These are static pages of just what I wrote, and a link to the thread it came from, where you can read the rest of the comments and make your own if you wish. I like to think of it as a highly distributed weblog...

General rambling at the top, tech-related stuff lower down. Enjoy!

Miscellaneous Rambling
Society and Government
Gun Stuff
Car Stuff
Tool Stuff

Miscellaneous Rambling

Leningrad Cowboys
rock video dream
the trail dream
doing the Chicken Dance
my clone: Hassan Nasrallah
paperwork backed up
ball clock

my wife
the Night Stalker lives...
printing fibers
luggage and travel
grammatic speech
cursive writing
death and your stuff
scientific research
American railways in 1946
new archeological finds explained

potato salad
complaint thread: salt, plumbing, doctors

YouTube: Congo stimulus gives AK to every citizen
secret Lenin
Winter War humor
Russian nerds

one-way Mars mission
eating in zero G


--computers and security:
security theater
stealing SIM cards from traffic lights
mesh surveillance
security and blackmail
backup and restore

--computers and software:
blocking ads and annoying "content"
facial recognition systems
facial recognition systems (2)
file formats
Microsoft software registration
Borland software upgrades
internet Balkanization
spam control
software rot
Wordstar and Unix
paying for search results
girls app
Microsoft Word
paper trail
software development (9mm Jonson)
bad web site design

--computer hardware:
more keyboard ranting
mobile phones
USB connectors
serial communication

Society and Government

The Lost Art of the Handshake
phone courtesy
cellphone jammers
egregious data collection
business data collection
food production, banking
automation and infrastructure
social media
online society
gender violence
sexism in SF
social media and online purchasing
doubleplus Humptyspeak
fad words
Shorpy: pots
body odor
"stolen valor"
border security
"justice" corruption
the "DC problem"
word meanings

feral management
personal finances
virtual money
future society
propaganda and education
2012 London Olympics
hosted events and local economies
I voted
I voted (2)
how media influences polling
jury duty
Palin on TEA party
Marxism and labor
spying and loyalty
spycraft in the 21st century
nuclear testing
National Recovery Act / WPA / Depression
leadership, management, and Richard Nixon
tax incentives
passing laws

police vs. mobs
off-duty police
police accountability
police training (autism)
police (USA)
police identification
criminals in body armor

surrender ceremony on the USS Missouri
military power
military power
war and subcultures
chain of command
so you want to be a mercenary? apply inside
cousin Jack

--video, TV, and SF:
movie review: "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning"
movie review: "Gran Torino"
movie review: "Idiocracy"
SF: the Millennium Falcon
TV series: "1990"
TV series: "Lexx"
TV series: "Babylon 5"
TV series: "The Night Stalker"
science fiction
SF: matter transmitters
SF: life extension
500 years from now
TV and culture

--mass media news:
mighty morphing news stories


--books and publishing:
advertising in books
book packaging
ebooks and DRM
death of books
e-book reader
Amazon and publishing
B&N Nook spinoff
mass media
waiting room magazines
focus, comprehension, and reading speed
books to restart civilization
Terry Pratchett
the Culture (Iain Banks)
10 books for new SF readers
book review: "The Syndic" by C.M. Kornbluth
book review: "Murder in the Gun Room" by H. Beam Piper
book review: "The Door Through Space" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
book review: "Transgalactic" by A.E. van Vogt
comments: Donald Hamilton's books
comments: "A Night in the Lonesome October" by Roger Zelazny
comments: "The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump" by Harry Turtledove
Sad Puppies commentary

Gun Stuff

my threads:
(some were lost when went down, others during a purge at

--holsters, slings, etc.:
Shoulder Holsters (big page)
gun transport case
shoulder holster for an FEG GKK .45
how much can leather be stretched?
shoulder holster musings
ankle holster musings
buying a shoulder holster
single-side vs. X shoulder rigs
dangerous holster designs
rifle slings
knife stuff
non-metal knives
recoil pad design

--firearms design:
notebook: extractor types
notebook: bolt lugs
notebook: cutting raceways
notebook: flap locking
roller locking
another breech lock method for a pistol
button rifling
notebook: rifling grooves
notebook: Becker blowback system
notebook: gas/plunger delayed blowback
fluted chamber and G3 bits
notebook: barrel threads
notebook: extractors
notebook: ejectors
notebook: leverguns
notebook: Marlin levergun: how it works, and DIY commentary
notebook: 3D printed body over welded frame
notebook: striker fired MAC
Browning 1918 BAR
notebook: Maxim pistol, circa 1896
autoloading pistol #4
notebook: homebuilt revolver
8x57mm box magazines
notebook: tube magazines

Technical Archive Pages

--John Moses Browning's 1911:
1911 Web Archive - over 900 pages of 1911 tech!

--The Lee-Enfield Rifle:
Enfield SMLE Web Archive - over 300 pages of SMLE tech!

--Auto Mag:
the Auto Mag and other AMTs Web Archive

--SharpsShooter's MG-47 beltfed and successors:
MG-47 builds

--Kalashnikovs and variants:
AK caliber conversions master list
Valmet musings
INSAS musings
AK Variant: Truvelo Raptor
District 9 AKs
Gratuitous AK picture thread
factory AK calibers
.30-06 conversion notes
AK gas tubes
Calico helical magazines and Bizon builds
Saiga in .70-150 Winchester
Space Age Kalashnikov!

AR: purpose of the gas rings?
AR: .30-06 stretch AR

--gun builds:
SMLE build in .45-70
.410 AK might be possible

homebuilt P90
"SG-1" 5.7x28 using P90 airsoft shell

--Imaginary guns:
notebook: 1937 Sharps bolt action
notebook: Pelmann and Rosenthal Mk. IV

--cartridges, ballistics, reloading:
THE AMMUNITION PAGE - lots of ammo stuff (new 11/2016)
Ingram cartridges
AMT .44 AMP load chart
.300 AMP cartridge
.35 Remington
Accurizing: Ammunition
AMT 9mm Magnum specs?
saboted revolver cartridge
making a .311 bullet mold

--other gun stuff:
scout rifle
Remington Model 8 rifle
notebook: Mosin-Nagant history
a piece of history (1891 Mauser)
my FEG GKK .45 ACP
old vs. new .45 designs
polymer 1911?
sheet metal not-1911
why revolvers?
gun reliability
gun safes

--guns and RKBA:
CCW scenario
CCW vs. "attack dog"
rendering aid after shooting
firearm training
defensive training
self-defense lawyer
informing police about CHCL
"an armed society is a polite society"
dealing with jerks
Dick Metcalf
Rosa Parks, ADA, and concealed carry

active shooter respose
armed attack on motorcyclist
tactics: chase
tactics: robbery at a gas station
tactics: the primary target (2)
tactics: active-shooter response
training: the North Hollywood Shootout
tactics: primary target
review: Wal-Mart CCW attacked, Jan 2015
review: Cincinnati officer elevator ND, Jan 2015
review: 14 rounds, no stop, Jan 2015
my RKBA activism
more RKBA activism
gun ownership
things that blow up
NRA and "mental health"

--miscellaneous gun stuff:
inherited a Taurus .38
India's "First Gun for Women"
guns that look like toys! Oh no!
killing drones
selecting heirloom guns
guns I want but don't have
"ghost guns" silliness
3D printed guns
Massad Ayoob's expertise
go bag: FAIL
shtf: goals past mere survival?
AK survival kit
first aid kit

Car Stuff

Rebuilding a T350-C automatic transmission (partial)
Rebuilding a T350 automatic transmission (complete)
Rebuilding a Geo Metro automatic: disassembly
Rebuilding a Geo Metro automatic: cleanup
making wrist pin buttons
car and motorcycle seating positions

self-driving cars
self-driving cars (2)
cars and society
car purity test
disposing of junk cars

Tool Stuff

tools and stuff
shop fairies strike again

places to go:
AK Files
Cast Boolits
Uzi Talk
Accurate Reloading
Home Gunsmith
1911 Forum
Forgotten Weapons
The High Road the best source for CCW information
Extrano's Alley - RKBA statistics

Sarah Hoyt's blog
Jeff Duntemann's blog

Galactic Journeys - where it's 55 years ago...